VAT Refund in Dubai for Tourists

Tourists and visitors of Dubai can claim paid VAT refunds they made during their stay in Dubai and other emirates. VAT refund can be done at Dubai Airport. Read the details in this 2024 guide.

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VAT Refund at Dubai Airport Requirements

In order to get VAT refund in Dubai you should meet the following requirements:

 Tax-Free Validation Desk for at Dubai Airport
 Tax-Free Validation Desk for at Dubai Airport
  • The goods must be exempt from tax and must be from shops registered in the VAT refund system for tourists and registered with the Federal Tax Authority.
  • The tourist must ensure that their purchases fall within the goods subject to the VAT refund system and that they are exempt from taxes. (Check Goods And Services Eligible For VAT Refund In UAE)
  • Emphasize to the seller that he must paste the “Tax Exempt” sign on the back of the invoice.
  • The permit period for the visit must be ninety days upon the date of purchase and to leave the country during this period accompanied by the purchased goods.

Duration of Tax Refund at Dubai Airport

The maximum time period for activating the validity of the tax exemption sticker is within 90 days from the date of purchase. If a tourist buys an item and the seller places a tax-exempt sticker on the first of March, for example, then if the purchase sticker is not authenticated before the first of June, the buyer loses the right to retrieve VAT on that product.

Steps to Recover Tax at Dubai Airport

To recover VAT at Dubai Airport, there are several steps that must be followed, which we will mention below:

  • Tourists must keep receipts for purchases of goods affixed with the tax exemption sticker and have them documented before travel.
  • At the departure ports, the tax exemption validation process will take place.
  • The tourist will be able to choose the method of refunding the VAT.
 self-service VAT Refund kiosks at Dubai Airport
 self-service VAT Refund kiosks at Dubai Airport

As usual, the UAE government overcomes all the difficulties that visitors and investors may face in tax and accounting transactions, and explains the legal steps for exemption from VAT, by distributing dedicated electronic offices at many of the country’s land, sea, and air departure ports, and Dubai Airport,  These offices operate electronically, VAT can be recovered from these points and centers in a completely electronic manner, as the tourist attaches his passport along with those invoices with the tax exemption label on them, and his credit card.

The electronic tax refund system established by the UAE government then compares the information, determines the amount to be recovered, and then transfers it to the credit card account completely automatically and without wasting any time.

With these smart electronic transactions, the Government of Dubai and the Government of UAE have achieved their goals of saving time and providing a degree of comfort and facilitation to the citizens of UAE and tourists. The government has made great strides in the direction of developing electronic systems for dealing with documents and financial matters.

Goods which VAT is not Refundable

VAT paid on all products cannot be refunded, and therefore you must know the products for which the VAT cannot be refunded.  These include:

  •  Any product that is consumed, wholly or partially, in UAE
  •  Products left by tourists before returning to their country or leaving UAE, such as cars, boats, airplanes, and any other product that can only be used in UAE.

Other Locations to Recover VAT in UAE

A tourist who wants to refund VAT in Dubai or the UAE has the opportunity to deal with more than 4,000 stores and shops, all of which are linked to an electronic system equipped with a VAT refund form, the stores that provide the VAT refund service are distinguished and this service is identified into the stores through the sticker that they are keen to place it in visible places on the facades of those stores.

By following up, the tourist will be able to recover the VAT through an electronic system established by the UAE government, which enables him to recover his VAT from land and sea ports and airports.

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