How to register for VAT in the UAE for a new company

The United Arab Emirates is a centre for several industries, favourable for business owners to establish and operate in the emirate. Value-Added Tax (VAT) must be paid by businesses established in the UAE on the sale of specific goods and services. This article assists Taxable Persons to understand how they can register their new company in the UAE for VAT with the Federal Tax Authority. VAT Registration UAE is a reputable tax consultant that assists taxable persons to seamlessly register for VAT in compliance with the VAT law. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Value Added Tax (VAT) registration process must be finished by all newly founded businesses. The UAE applies a standard rate of 5% VAT on the supply of most products. Thus, businesses are required to register for VAT with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) if the new business meets the registration requirement. 

VAT registration process in UAE for a new company

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you finish the United Arab Emirates VAT registration process for a new business. for VAT with the FTA.

  1. Determining eligibility: Make sure your new firm satisfies the VAT registration requirements before starting the registration procedure. As of my most recent update, the registration barrier was AED 375,000 in annual revenue. You must register for VAT if your anticipated annual turnover exceeds this limit. Additionally, even if your turnover is below the criteria, you can still decide to register voluntarily.
  2. Collecting the necessary information: You will need details about your new business to complete the VAT registration application. Prepare the following paperwork and information:
    • Business License: The Trade License for your company.
    • Company Documents: Information on the company’s articles of association and memorandum of association
    • Contact Information: Give precise contact information, such as the location of the company’s offices and phone numbers.
    • Information about the company’s bank account in the United Arab Emirates
    • Financial Data: Details about the anticipated costs and the company’s forecasted yearly revenue

You can always consult UAE tax experts for further clarification regarding the documents and additional requirements for VAT registration in the UAE.

  1. Creation of the E-services accounts: You must first register for an account on the FTA’s e-Services portal ( to begin the VAT registration process. When registering as a new user, your email address and a strong password must be provided.
  2. Completing the VAT registration form: Use your login information to access the portal after creating your e-Services account. Fill out the online application form by going to the VAT registration area. As requested by the FTA, provide correct information about your new business.
  3. An option to appoint a tax agent is available: Hiring a tax agent in Dubai can be advantageous, particularly for companies with intricate operations. Your application can be prepared and submitted with the help of a tax agent, and they can also ensure that all VAT criteria are met. If you decide to hire a tax agent, you must provide the tax agent’s information in the registration application.
  4. FTA Approval: The FTA will examine the supplied information as soon as your VAT registration application has been filed successfully. Although the time it takes to process a VAT registration application may vary, you can normally count on hearing back between a few days and weeks. If more details or explanations are required, the FTA may inquire.
  5. Obtaining the Tax Registration Number: The FTA will issue a Tax Registration Number (TRN) specific to your new business after approving your application for VAT registration. This TRN will be your identifier for all discussions with the FTA and transactions involving VAT.
  6. Charging and collecting VAT: Your new business must begin charging VAT at the appropriate rate (5%) on taxable supplies of goods and services as soon as you receive your TRN. Make sure to clearly state that you are now a registered VAT business to your clients and to include the VAT amount on your invoices.
  7. Compliance with VAT reporting and rules: You must abide by the FTA’s reporting requirements as a business having a VAT registration. Although the FTA may set a varied filing frequency based on your company’s sales and operations, VAT returns are typically submitted every quarter. To enable seamless VAT reporting, maintain precise records of all business transactions, including sales, purchases, and VAT collected.
  8. Service fee details and time estimation for VAT registration of a new company in the UAE

    The registration procedure for VAT for a new company in the UAE is free of charge, and it takes only 45 minutes. However, it would help if you determine your eligibility and then apply for VAT registration. If you do not fall into the mandatory category and apply for VAT registration, then you must be aware that you must follow the FTA’s rules and regulations. You must keep records of your financial transactions and issue tax invoices per the FTA guidelines. 

    Typically, the FTA estimates that it will take 20 business days from the date it received the completed application to process the application. However, FTA may require more time to process the application if any extra information is required. The applicant must update their application and supply the new details. The FTA’s response to the amended application might take an additional 20 business days. The application will be automatically denied if it is not resubmitted within 60 calendar days of the day you got the FTA notification. 

    Therefore, you must seek the opinion of VAT experts in the UAE before registering your new company for VAT in the UAE.

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