VAT Registration Threshold: Minimum Registration Requirement

Are you a business owner in the UAE wondering if you need to register for VAT? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses are unsure about the VAT registration threshold and whether they need to register.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the UAE VAT registration threshold, including who is required to register, how to register, and the benefits of voluntary registration.

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VAT Registration Eligibility in The UAE

Businesses must register under VAT if the total amount of taxable supplies it makes exceeds the VAT Registration Threshold over the past 12 months, or expects the value of taxable supplies to exceed the VAT Registration Threshold within the next 30 days. VAT Registration Threshold is AED 375,000

If the total amount of taxable supplies it makes exceeds AED187500 your business is eligible for voluntary VAT registration, however If the total amount of taxable supplies it makes exceeds VAT registration threshold your business is subjected to mandatory VAT registration.

But, how can you know if your business will exceed the VAT registration threshold? There are two ways

  • Historic (looking back) 

Look back over your business’ taxable supplies for the past twelve months in UAE. Determine whether the total taxable sales of the business have exceeded the current threshold for registration. If it has, then it has to register for VAT as soon as possible.

Take note: A business in UAE is required to register as soon as it is eligible for mandatory registration; otherwise, the Federal Tax Authority will impose a fine or penalty of no less than Dh20,000 for failing to submit an application. 

  • Future (looking forward)

Let’s assume you haven’t registered for VAT yet. If you know or predict that your business’ total taxable supplies for the next days or months will exceed the mandatory registration threshold, then you can start the registration process to start applying VAT to your prices. In practice, the method is used rarely as businesses in the region has a bigger total for taxable supplies over the past twelve months compared to the following thirty days. Basically, the most common method is the historic one for identifying eligibility for VAT registration.

Minimum Registration Requirement

Businesses can also submit a registration application if they do not meet the mandatory registration requirements, if the total value of taxable supplies or taxable expenses during the past 12 months exceeds the optional registration threshold, or it is expected that the value of taxable supplies or taxable expenditures exceeds the optional registration threshold. During the next thirty days. The optional registration limit is 187,500 dirhams.

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If your business will exceed VAT registration threshold, How you can register your business to avoid penalties? Let’s dive in.

VAT Registration in The UAE

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