VAT Filing in UAE: FAQs

To provide comprehensive guidance to taxpayers, this article address frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Value Added Tax (VAT) filing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Common FAQs for VAT Filing in the UAE

The VAT return is a formal tax report mandated by the Federal Tax Authority, requires registered businesses to submit it by the deadline. This filing includes details of input tax to be refunded, due output tax, and other format-specific information. Filing a VAT return not only establishes your company’s presence but also provides advantages in tax payments and legal certainty, preventing financial losses. Our Firm provides VAT return filing services for businesses all sizes.

Here, we delve into key facts and questions regarding VAT filing and registration, categorized as follows:

Registration-related FAQs for VAT filing in the UAE

  • Who is VAT eligible?

Companies exceeding VAT Thrshold in taxable supplies and imports in the past 12 months or anticipating turnover exceeding this amount in the next 30 days must register.

  • Who can register for VAT in UAE?

Utilize the EmaraTax portal, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) registration method, by entering company information and submitting supporting documentation. to know more how to register, please visit: VAT registration UAE.

  • What is the due date for VAT filing in UAE?

Within 30 days of surpassing the threshold, businesses must register, with penaltues of late registration.

Tax periods and filing-related FAQs for VAT filing in the UAE

  • What are the VAT return intervals?

Monthly, quarterly, or annual tax periods are possible based on the company’s annual turnover.

  • What is the deadline for VAT return in UAE?

VAT returns and payments must be made within 28 days after the tax period ends to aviod penalties for late filing.

  • How do I file VAT returns in UAE?

EmaraTax is used for electronic filing, with the option of using a tax agent or filing independently.

VAT calculation-related FAQs for VAT filing in the UAE

  • What is standard VAT rate?

The standard VAT rate is 5%, with certain products and services subject to a 0% rate.

  • How do you calculate output tax?

Output tax is 5% of the total sales value of taxable goods and services.

  • How do we calculate VAT input?

Input tax is 5% of the total purchase price of taxable goods and services used for business purposes.

Payments and penalties related to VAT filing in the UAE

  • What are the options for VAT payment?

Payments can be made through bank transfers, approved channels, or online via EmaraTax.

  • What is the penalty for late VAT payment?

Penalties include AED 2,000 for the first offense and AED 5,000 for subsequent offenses for late filing. Nonpayment incurs a penalty of 10% of the total unpaid taxes.

Recordkeeping-related penalties for VAT filing in the UAE

  • Required documents for VAT purposes?

Businesses must maintain precise records of taxable transactions, including purchase orders, invoices, receipts, for a minimum of five years.

  • FTA auditing processes?

The FTA can audit companies to ensure compliance with VAT laws, and businesses must submit all required paperwork.

In conclusion, adherence to VAT legislation is crucial for businesses in the UAE. This FAQ guide provides a concise overview, but for detailed information or specific queries, it is recommended to consult the official Federal Tax Authority website or seek expert guidance from a VAT consultant in the UAE.

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