Outsource VAT Accounting

Today, a lot of companies in the UAE are operating with lean budgets, due mostly to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. Outsourcing administrative tasks such as – VAT in UAE – VAT accounting in UAE has become the solution for most businesses to cut costs. It’s also the best solution for a reduced headcount. Below, we’ve listed the top reasons why entrepreneurs in UAE are to consider finding support from third parties for VAT accounting.

More time and energy focused on the business

Accounting for VAT in the UAE, including preparing for tax return filing, can be very time-consuming. Most internal accountants and bookkeepers spend lots of time cross-checking data. This is done prior to finalizing work with the company management, who are supposed to be dedicating valuable time and resources in achieving the goals of a business. With an outsourced VAT accounting in UAE, tedious tasks related to mandatory declarations and ancillary issues are handled by experts. Company management, instead, will have more time spent on bringing in more clients and ensuring the efficient running of business operations.

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Reduced overhead expenses 

A lot of companies make the mistake of hiring then training accountants and bookkeepers who are too green for convenience and low cost. But, hiring a junior will mean risking having someone that does not have the necessary expertise and experience – even the potential of acquiring such. With properly trained and skilled accountants handling the accounting department of your business, you are utilizing the best solution. Not all businesses can afford right now to have experienced personnel in-house. Therefore, it is both an attractive option and a practical alternative to outsourcing accounting work for VAT in UAE.

With outsourcing, a business is able to save money on expenditures that are related to employee benefits, accounting hardware and software, office supplies, training, and recruitment. Managers are also able to focus more on their daily operations, customer acquisition, and team management. All of which are necessary for the growth and success of a business operating in the country.

Access to specialized skill sets

By outsourcing your obligation of VAT accounting in UAE, you’ll have access to a talented pool of tax accountants. A firm offering VAT accounting in UAE has experts who keep themselves updated with regulatory changes pertaining to VAT in UAE. The best firm to hire is the one with professionals with experience in the specific industry that you belong to.

A reputable firm offering VAT accounting in UAE may also offer a broad range of services including VAT returns filing, bookkeeping, payroll processing, HR solutions, financial reporting, audit liaison, external or interim CFO, and cash management. Outsourcing to experts will provide you with easy access to a whole team of experts for what you would otherwise pay for a couple of employees retained in-house.

Scalability and flexibility

In-house accountants and auditors are very good. However, scalability can easily become a challenge for most situations. When your business grows and is in need of a greater, more skilled labor force, it’ll take a significant amount of time for you to hire and identify the new employees that are qualified.

A new hire will need time in settling with a brand-new business organization to real his or her full potential. ‘til then, an existing team maintained in-house will suffer from having to work longer hours. There are those that may also be frustrated and convinced in tendering their resignation. This is a huge problem, most especially for a growing business. On the contrary, when the growth of an organization stops suddenly, you will have a lot of employees that you have to fire. A third-party service provider handling your taxation obligations in UAE will have a team that’s readily employer. You will be able to decrease or increase the resources that you want to be allocated to your business. You will be able to enjoy the flexibility that you need in either scaling up or down.

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Risk mitigation

With tax declarations and VAT accounting in UAE, you have to avoid even the slightest mistake. It is likely for you to achieve so with a team of outsourced professionals. Also, remember that employee fraud is a huge issue, and it can happen even to a small business. Money can be stolen, even by a trusted employee. As you enforce a strong internal checking and balancing system, you’ll also be stirring up among your workforce some unnecessary emotions. This is one of the reasons why it is a better idea to outsource the VAT accounting of your business.

With third-party help, you keep track of your business’ money trail; you’ll be decreasing the risk for internal fraud. A service provider will also provide an impartial standard of balances and checks to improve compliance within your business organization in UAE.


Running a business can be very challenging, most especially when the market is down. Taking care of back-office tasks with low value can be low on a business owner’s list of priorities. Choose the qualified VAT accountants of VAT Registration UAE as it’s the first step towards you reaching your business goals. Call us today!