Reasons for Hiring VAT Consultants

Vat Consultants in UAE

Value Added Tax (VAT) consultants are certified experts who offer comprehensive Tax Services for VAT Registered Businesses in UAE.  They can educate businesses on the financial impact of the tax to goods and services, and the measure taken to mitigate the effects.

VAT consultants have the capability to manage their VAT transactions by complying with VAT law and advise on related transactions. It is very important to understand how VAT consultants help to make the entire VAT process smooth and hassle-free.

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Reasons for Hiring a VAT Consultant:

Many companies are not familiar with the rules and regulations of calculating VAT and the process of payment. The companies should seek guidance from best VAT consultants in UAE, instead of struggling with the complicated formulas, complex numbers and erroneous calculations. Other reasons of hiring VAT consultants are given below:

Superior Knowledge

VAT consultants have good knowledge about everything related to VAT. This proves to be beneficial especially for those who don’t have any knowledge abbot VAT. They have the expertise and will be able to educate taxpayers about various VAT rates and the right way to calculate payment.


They always cross check that every VAT filed is cross-checked for accuracy. The information undergoes thorough verification with the help of the digital system as well as manual reviews. This is why the accuracy of data is maintained.


An experienced VAT consultant, who has remained in the industry for a long period, is capable of avoiding the common mistakes made during the VAT filing process.

Facilitate easy VAT registrations

VAT registration is mandatory for businesses if the value of their taxable supplies has exceeded the threshold limit. VAT consultants provide guidance on VAT registration, procedural formalities documents required for VAT registration.

Time saving

The reason for hiring a VAT professional is that it minimizes the time required for analysis, assessments and measuring the risks associated with the company.

Reduced risk

VAT consultant has a rigorous industry experience to deal with all kinds of risks in business. A VAT professional can advise out about the best options available for a company to reduce the potential risks associated with VAT.

Audit ready records

They can create files and maintain records properly to stay prepared for vat audits.

Improved process of finance

Financial tasks and activities require active consideration. It is always better to seek an expert service for opinions regarding finances.

Duties and Responsibilities of VAT Consultants

The main duties of a vat consultant include:

  • Completing VAT filing requirement
  • Ensuring compliance with UAE Federal Rules
Value added services

Most of the businesses do not have a solid understanding of VAT rules and regulations, which can hamper their operations. An expert VAT consultant can provide value added services to its clients.

A tax consultant can help to voice the awareness and helps businesses to stay true with the VAT regime whilst an appointed tax agent can act as an intermediary between the FTA and the business.

Undertaking the VAT assessment of a business by a tax consultant helps it to prepare for all the processes it needs to undertake and the changes that must be made to work-flow, documentation, accounting, invoicing and ultimately reporting with minimal human inputs.

They also provide assistance to businesses in registering in time and ensuring that they meet the registration criteria including Tax Group registrations.

The primary role of a tax consultant, after the initial registration and assessment, is to ensure accurate, timely and reliable VAT returns.

Expert tax agents and consultants assist businesses to avoid errors, claim rightful input taxes to maximize profits and help businesses to best manage their cash flows, especially when credit

Tax consultants/agents can also assist in reviewing the VAT returns already filed (health-checks) for accuracy and documentation/records maintained by the taxable persons as per the requirements of the tax law.

Appointed Tax Agents are also able to assist businesses with tax audits and responding/representing the taxable person with the FTA in case of queries. This includes Arabic language capabilities as Tax Agents are mandated to have this capability.

Tax Consultants in UAE

The businesses registered in UAE are facing number of challenges while implementing VAT in their business stream to ensure that they are VAT compliant. This new system of VAT may need qualified and experienced Tax professionals advise to support the businesses especially while complying in the initial stages of this transition. VAT Registration UAE has the necessary expertise and knowledge Regarding VAT laws. our Experts have relevant industry-specific experience in taxation complying with international standards.

Our services include:

  • Timely, precise and cost-effective VAT advisory services from the VAT Expert for the queries or issues confronted by the businesses.
  • Providing solutions and preparing for recommendations to provide advice on taxation for clients.
  • Queries or clarifications raised through telephone or email will be answered or advised through telephone/email itself.
  • Handling specific issues with precise guidance to comply with the UAE VAT law.