Checking Validity of Tax Registration Number in UAE

Tax Registration Number in UAE

After getting successfully registered with Federal Tax Authority in UAE, a TRN Tax registration number is generally issued which is distinctive recognition number and allotted to each and every VAT-registered person or business in the UAE. TRN should be mentioned in VAT invoices by registered businesses on their relevant supplies. VAT registered person can check the validation of his tax registration number by visiting Federal Tax authority website portal, for that purpose no registration or login is needed.

The validity of Tax registration number is very much critical in order to ensure that the business is a registered business. It is also advantageous for those businesses who desire to ask credit on the input tax. When it comes to the utility of customer, by the assistance of tax registration number consumers can cross-check the validity of a dealer or retailer whether he is eligible to charge VAT on supplies or not. The sequence to check the validity of tax registration is as under:-

How to check the validity of TRN

Invoice, bill, or receipt generated by the merchant to make a purchase must contain the TRN as well as name and address of the business in case if VAT sum addressed in the bill.


Steps to Check if a TRN is Valid or not?


Step#1: using web browser visit the official portal of Federal tax Authority i.e. When you see the home page of Portal, seek for the ‘TRN Verification’ option under ‘Getting help’ tab present in the top menu.

Step#2: Type the tax registration number that you want to ensure. Punch the captcha and then single click on validate button.

Step#3: in case the Tax registration number is not correct or invalid, you will witness a message Tax registration number does not exist in the system.

In case if Tax registration number in collect the system will automatically display the name and VAT number of that specific business (in both in English and Arabic languages).

It is very critical to check the validity of VAT Tax Registration Number specifically significant for businesses who desire to ensure the validity of suppliers while submitting their VAT returns.

Anybody can use this as a tool to make sure that they are paying tax only on chargeable provisions and only to VAT registered individuals or businesses in the UAE. Both registered and unregistered personas can utilize this tool.

It has been reported earlier that some businesses are working with fake Tax registration numbers, without being VAT registered just for the sake of making additional earnings without paying tax to the government.

Make sure to check and validate the TRN available on the invoice/bill to ensure not to pay unethical VAT. Just in case if a business merchant or retailer has added VAT In the product or service cost, you must ensure to confirm their VAT registration by checking the TRN number.


Note: UAE businesses who have applied for the VAT but have not yet received their TRN cannot charge tax on their supplies without a TRN.

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